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Vintage New England Printed Tape Co Flat Ribbon, Tape, String
Vintage New England Printed Tape Co Flat Ribbon, Tape, String
Vintage New England Printed Tape Co Flat Ribbon, Tape, String

Material:  papery fiber, likely a cotton base
Color:  creamy white
Style:  flat
Size:  width ~ apx. ¼ inch, just smidgen wider
Age:  1966
Origin:  made in the USA  ~   30 Hamlet Street, Pawtucket, RI
Maker:  New England Printed Tape Co (**see interesting company information below)
Quantity:  more than 1000 yards available;  Sold Per Yard  

A vintage New England Printed Tape Co. spool of flat ribbon or tape.  Used during the period for commercial package wrap / tie by haberdashery shops, general stores, mercantiles and dry goods sellers.  The spool would have been held in a specifically designed countertop cast iron dispenser with attached cutting blade and what we think of as ribbon or tape today, was often then referred to as string.

We are offering this item by the yard, cut to order in one continuous length, as possible.  Purchased yardage will be removed from the original cardboard and metal roll and shipped at sellers discretion on either a round spool, or a flat ribbon bobbin, depending on quantity ordered and shipping method.

Flat paper tape ephemera by this manufacturer is somewhat unusual to encounter, especially unused vintage, almost 50 year old examples, such as this.

This papery fiber specialty ribbon is quite flexible, (likely a cotton base) with a matte appearance and texture, yet it is extremely strong and durable.  Perfect for use as originally intended, utilitarian as well as decorative embellishment, wrap & finish for packages and gifts, but also great for crafts, projects, dolls, etc. For all of you who stamp and scrapbook, ink adheres quite well to this ribbon.  It can be written on, too, so all kind of interesting possibilities for home use, business branding, etc.

Condition is excellent, very strong and stable, with only a few small pale yellowish marks to top layer from outer label adhesive, otherwise no noted issues.

Regarding Shipping & Checkout: we can only reflect USPS Priority Shipping Rates through our Cart/Checkout system, however if you wish to make a purchase
totaling LESS than $50.00, and the item(s) is small/light weight, like buttons, ribbon, paper, etc., it is possible USPS First Class mail might be slightly less expensive. If you would like a First Class quote, rather than using our standard checkout as described below, please email us via the Contact tab on menu at page top, with the item description, quantity and destination and we will gladly supply a cost for USPS First Class mail, at which time a custom Paypal Invoice can be forwarded upon request.
NOTE:  The minimum quantity for purchase is one yard, which is shown in the white Quantity box below, however if you desire a different amount of yardage simply edit the number displayed in the box by typing the required number of yards, from 2 - 1000, and then click the Add To Cart button.  The appropriate total for your selected amount of yardage will be calculated and shown on the resulting Invoice.

Vintage New England Printed Tape Co Flat Ribbon, Tape, String

$ 3.50

per yard

Add Vintage New England Printed Tape Co Flat Ribbon, Tape, String to cart

**  HISTORY ~ New England Printed Tape Co

While researching this item to see if the product was still being manufactured, which it appears it is not, we found some interesting information about the company that some of you may be interested in.

“The company was founded in 1953 by Peter Farago, a Hungarian immigrant who escaped a (WWII) German work camp after serving 18 months at forced labor.  He spoke 5 languages and worked to aid other survivors and refugees.  Making his way to the US he bootstrapped an education at the Rhode Island School of Design, graduation with a degree in Textile Engineering.  Early company products were ribbons and tapes for the decorating package business.”

Over the years the company diversified into many areas.  In 1988 Mr. Farago retired and the company was sold, yet it remains in operation today, with headquarters located at the original Rhode Island address.

Neat Vintage Turquoise Blue Flat Ribbonette Ribbon, Tape, String, 1930s

Neat Vintage Turq-uoise Blue Flat Ribbonette Ribbon, Tape, String, 1930s