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1b ~  Divine Antique French Silk Two Tone, Two Color Ribbon, Passementerie Trim Yardage, Pink & Gold
1b ~  Divine Antique French Silk Two Tone, Two Color Ribbon, Passementerie Trim Yardage, Pink & Gold
1b ~  Divine Antique French Silk Two Tone, Two Color Ribbon, Passementerie Trim Yardage, Pink & Gold
1b ~  Divine Antique French Silk Two Tone, Two Color Ribbon, Passementerie Trim Yardage, Pink & Gold

Material:  silk
Color:  soft rose pink & rich yellow gold
Style:  double sided, two tone / color
Retailer:  Grands Magasins De La  Bourse ~ Brussels, Belgium
Origin:  France or Belgium
Age:  1890 - 1910
Size:  Width ~ apx. 1 & ¼ inches
         Length ~ 1 yard increments
Quantity:  6 yards available ~ sold per yard & shipped on flat ribbon / bobbin card;  multiple yards in one                 continuous length, as possible

A divine antique double sided, two color pink and gold pure silk ribbon, dating to the later Victorian or early Edwardian era, c. 1890 - 1910.  Likely originating in France and retailed by the famous Grands Magasins De La Bourse located in Brussels and founded in 1872.  Affiliated with the Grands Magasins de Louvre, which was founded in 1855 and located in Paris France, both later became recognized as the Bon Marche in their respective locations.

This is a very soft, silky smooth passementerie ribbon trim.  Two tone antique silk ribbons are somewhat more rare to find and this particular example is unusual for several reasons;  the color combination of pink and gold is not commonly seen and this ribbon is also a wider width than we generally find in this style / type of ribbon.

Perfect for all kinds of applications including clothing like delicate daily wear, intimate apparel, lingerie, and period / vintage restorations, plus millinery and sewing, as well as craft uses, such as ribbon roses and ribbon work, etc.  Remember, since this ribbon is wider it is easier to make larger rosettes, roses and ribbon flowers!

Found on the original spool, although of ten meters indicated available when new, slightly more than six remain, so some yardage was previously removed.

This ribbon is in very nice antique estate condition.  The entire length was carefully removed from the roll and inspected and some fairly minor intermittent rubs, to the pink silk side only, were noted.  We have encountered silk ribbons with similar rubs before and believe it occurs when the ribbon is pulled from the roll without care, causing it to rub against the edge of the protective paper, which results in an intermittent rub, or scratch type effect.  In this case affecting the pink colored side, only.  (look closely at the 11 o’clock position in the second image; at photo top, where the ribbon is laying across the roll, you may be able to detect an example of the type of mark we are describing)  The ribbon was acquired in this condition, so it very likely occurred years ago.   This is a cosmetic issue only, and does not affect the integrity of the ribbon, which is very strong and stable and easily passed the standard "tug and pull" test, but please consider this visual aspect when determining appropriateness for your particular application.  The hue or shade of the pink side of the ribbon is more accurately depicted in the first three images than in the last picture, which appears slightly more muted and less rose colored than actual.

A great find for collectors of antique and vintage ribbons and passementerie trims and embellishments.

Regarding Shipping & Checkout: we can only reflect USPS Priority Shipping Rates through our Cart/Check-out system, however if you wish to make a purchase totaling LESS than $50.00, and the item(s) is small/light weight, like buttons, ribbon, paper, etc., it is possible USPS First Class mail might be slightly less expensive. If you would like a First Class quote, rather than using our standard checkout as described below, please email us via the Contact tab on menu at page top, including the item description, quantity and destination and we will gladly supply a cost for USPS First Class mail, at which time a custom Paypal Invoice can be forwarded upon request.

NOTE:  Yardage will be cut to order and unless the entire 6 yards is purchased at one time, ribbon will not be sent with the original roll, but rather carefully wrapped on a flat ribbon card.

If you wish to purchase more than one yard please type the desired number of yards, from 2 to 6, in the white
QUANTITY Box below and then click the ADD TO CART Button.  The appropriate total for your selected amount of yardage will be calculated and shown on the resulting Invoice.

1b ~  Divine Antique French Silk Two Tone, Two Color Ribbon, Passementerie Trim Yardage, Pink & Gold

$ 15.99

per yard

Add 1b ~  Divine Antique French Silk Two Tone, Two Color Ribbon, Passementerie Trim Yardage, Pink & Gold to cart