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Material:  Natural antique ivory
Size:  Length ~ 5 & 7/8 inches,    Width ~ 5 & 1/16 inches,    Height ~ apx. 3 inches including lid
Quantity:  1 ~ two piece covered box set

We were very fortunate to acquire a large group of 130 year old antique Victorian ivory vanity items from a direct descendant of the original owner.  These fine ivory pieces were initially purchased in the early 1880s by a wealthy East coast aristocrat, during the 19th century period known as the Gilded Age, an era of upper class opulence and wealth.  Each piece is available individually here on our web site.  Please see the last image above for a picture of all the items grouped together and history / provenance information.

This listing is for the divine oval vanity dresser box, which is the largest piece in the last image/group photo above, featured at about the 11:00 o`clock position and pictured individually in the preceding images.  Please note:  placing your cursor on the image will enlarge it for a more detailed view.
This fine vanity item features all of the definitive aspects required to confirm natural ivory, including the distinctive grain and very visible cross hatching pattern known as Schreger lines, sometimes also described as stacked chevrons, diamond or V shapes.  Please see the second to last image above for a close up view of the aforementioned pattern, which is visible throughout the box, but most easily captured by the camera in this area.  It is very cool to the touch (another ivory indicator) with a beautiful warm patina only achieved through 130 plus years of age and gentle use.
This dresser box is truly spectacular; exceptionally large in size and oval in shape, with the interior lined in sumptuous pale sage silk satin.  It was likely used in milady`s boudoir as a jewelry casket for rings, earrings, bracelets, beads, necklaces, pearls, trinkets, keepsakes, ribbons and other items a lady may have utilized frequently at her dressing table or vanity.
The lift off top/lid is covered in a fine, high quality natural linen, with some type of fairly firm padding or batting underneath, likely to accommodate the insertion of stick pins, hat pins, hair pins and brooches, etc, which allows this vanity item to serve a dual purpose; a jewelry casket, as well as a hat / stick pin holder.
The antique natural ivory is cool and very smooth to the touch; creamy off white in color, with  rich, warm patina.  The ivory is impressively thick, dense and substantial, subsequently the box is quite heavy, weighing in at
well over a pound!
Beautifully carved bands accent the entire upper and lower circumference of the box, culminating in an exquisitely carved and unbelievably intricate monogram at center front, similar to carving work attributed to the Dieppe area of France, a historical center famous for fine quality hand carved ivory.  The monogram is so fancy  and elaborate it could be interpreted as any number of initials, however due to the family supplied provenance we know definitively that the three letters represented on this piece, as on all the other pieces in the group, are:  MST.   Please note this monogram is carved into the ivory, with the surrounding area cut away so the initials appear raised, or in relief, versus the more commonly found monogram that is carved separately and then applied.  The method used to carve the monogram on this particular vanity box is definitely a more complicated and time consuming technique.  It also indicates that this piece, in fact most/all of the pieces included in the group shown above, were actually custom made for the owner and likely part of her 1881 dowry / bridal / wedding trousseau.
We are especially pleased to note that this dressing table box is in exceptionally fine antique estate condition, with no chips, breaks, etc.   Only items of note;  Two of the ten tiny pegs that hold/afix the bottom to the rest of the box are missing, however as eight of the ten pegs remain securely in place there is no significant affect to overall integrity.  Also, at a few of the peg insertion sites there is a tiny, minute (1-2 mm) age/stress line, which likely occurred 130 years ago when the pegs were inserted and box was constructed/assembled, or just occurred naturally over time.  Age lines are very common and even expected by experts and those familiar with 19th century ivory.  As collectors of antique ivory ourselves we concur with the experts and find such lines of little consequence, with no significant affects to neither integrity or aesthetics.  The silk satin lined interior is clean and free of stains, with just some very slight/minor darkening to the extreme edges of the satin on the interior lid/cover.
The natural cream linen covering the exterior of the lid is in exceptional clean condition, free of spots, stains, snags, rips, tears, etc.  The padding/batting beneath the linen remains seemingly very much as original and ready to be used today to display your favorite cameo, brooch, hat pins, stick pins, etc.
A very high quality antique vanity box, likely French in origin and custom made for a wealthy East coast aristocrat.  Exquisitely crafted and finely carved from substantial, thick, heavy ivory, with great attention to detail.   Even 130 years ago this certainly would have been a very costly item.  The outstanding condition indicates it was cherished and well cared for.     Please see the other related ivory items.

HUGE Antique Victorian Ivory Dressing Table Vanity Box, Beautifully Carved, 19th Century, c. 1881

Add HUGE Antique Victorian Ivory Dressing Table Vanity Box, Beautifully Carved, 19th Century, c. 1881 to cart

$ 849.00

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